Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursday Thrills

Before you get too excited thinking this is going to be some !!!! post I gotta tell you, I was being sarcastic with the title. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately nothing too thrilling's going on in my life. I did finally get the spoiler and body kit on my new car, and it looks like a kids "hotwheels" dream ( though I was more of a matchbox fan myself-hee).
I also talked to my cousin, Julie, who as I mentioned in an earlier post has a serious drinking problem. She was telling me, of her on accord-I don't inquire, that she's decided to cut back to drinking a couple of beers once a week and no hard liquor. I was thinking to myself, well that's great, but that's all you've been claiming to be drinking all along. I don't know, I think she knows she has a problem (enough people have told her), but she's thinking she can control it on her own, which usually doesn't seem to work. Of course at least she's maybe trying to cut back. I hope so anyway. She lies about her drinking all the time, so who knows. I've tried to help her/talk to her about it, but she doesn't want to hear it from me or anyone "so what're you gonna do?".
Anyway, I'm just happy the weekend's almost here. I'm chomping at the bit to take a short trip to a real city (I currently live in one small damn town) and actually socialize with some gay people. I have nothing against straight people, but it's great to be among people who don't give me the second glances, or rude stares, some heteros do. More later...I'm off to eat. I'm starving!


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