Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stand Up For America!

I would submit to my fellow Americans that it’s time to put away all the bullshit and practice what we preach. Each and every one of us claims to love this country, and yet we spend more time competing over who loves it best than we do standing up for it by demanding that our leaders, no matter their party serve with integrity, dignity, honesty and intelligence. America deserves nothing less than representatives who will truly serve for the good of the nation and its people, and not for the good of their wallets, their personal ambitions and their party allegiance.

Corruption and dishonesty run rampant through both political parties. Most of our political candidates run campaigns based on half-truths, and character assassination of their opponent. When campaigning they tell us they care about the working man and his concerns, but once elected they ignore our needs and concerns and allow lobbyists to buy their attention and their vote. These representatives of ours take all expense paid vacations, from jobs that they work part-time at best, while the average American struggles to put food on the table, and gas in his car.

Americans, do your representatives truly represent you, or do they lie to you at every turn and attempt to manipulate you into supporting them when they need you, only to turn their backs when you need them? I submit to you that it’s long past time for us, the people, to stop allowing our “leaders” to play us for fools and to stand up and tell them that they work for us, and if they’re corrupt, if they lie to us, or steal from us or ignore us then we will throw them out of our government and hire a new employee. We must be willing to fire anyone that deserves it, whether Democrat or Republican, not just this election, but every election until the people running for our offices figure out we are not fools, we are watching them and we will not put up with any more of their crap!


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