Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Bigotous Ignoramus Found Thriving!

Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, which have circulated over the last ten years, a new study (performed by Concerned Citizens for Rational Thought/CCRT) has found that the bigot species is not only alive, but apparently thriving throughout the world. Dr. Justin Hatenomoor (a renown American expert) was recently quoted as saying, "It is evident that our efforts to stamp out this insidious vermin have failed, and I fear the bigotous will continue to multiply at an astounding rate if we can not keep the general public and at times our own government from feeding them a steady diet of zealotry, fear and alarmism. What people need to know and understand is that while comforting to cling to at times, the bigotous is a pestilence and not a pet". For more information on the bigot (latin-bigotous ignoramus) species you can continue to read or check out our website: (not a real site!-lol)

The blogosphere is a great place to observe a wide variety of the bigot subspecies. You of course have your ever present and proud homophobous, sounding off with their self-righteous trumpets of moral indignation. This breed is the easiest to spot, since they bleat loudly and feel little need to conceal themselves. This is due to their having very few natural enemies and superb survival skills such as a keenly honed ability to conserve energy by completely shutting down the reasoning center of their brains.

Less often sighted in public, relying on a remarkable ability to blend in and deflect notice with their camouflaged smiles, is the still numerous racialtrious bigot. At one point believed to be close to extinction it has recently been discovered that they possess a highly adaptable nature and while they we're obvious and loud creatures at one time, the current generation has evolved into a seemingly quieter, more subtle parasite given to trumpeting only when hidden from view or when in a large herd. Individual racialtrious are known to be cowardly, dimwitted creatures, given to fleeing at actual confrontation and reputed to readily deny their species with soft, insidious, "I'm not a racist, But" honks. Do not be fooled populace! The racialtrious is a simple, but devious Ignoramus.

Last, but certainly not least dangerous is the religious zealotrous bigot. This breed can be found with a variety of different markings, but their subspecies can be readily identified by a few shared traits. The foremost of these traits is thought to be self-righteousness (*You will note that this is also found in the homophobous phylum, and many researchers believe that these are not different subspecies at all, but one in the same). Other identifying characteristics are overt aggressiveness and illogical thought. Unlike their timid cousins the racialtrious, the zealotrous do not attempt to hide themselves, in fact they rely instead on their bellicose pronouncements, pack mentality and ability to sublimate their enemies. Yes, it can be argued quite convincingly that the zealotrous's inability to think for themselves, combined with their great numbers and unshakable faith that God has chosen them to inherit and rule the Earth, makes them the most dangerous bigotous the world faces.

That concludes our overview of the vile Bigotous Ignoramus species. Chances are you have already been confronted with one or all of these subspecies. Hopefully, armed with knowledge, rational thought, and a splash of empathy for others, you have fought the good fight and will continue to battle to vanquish them from our midst.


Anonymous Sad But True..... said...

All joking aside, it’s a valid and scary point that racism and bigotry are alive and well in our society. Even more so online where the anonymity of sitting behind a computer screen, frees people from being persecuted for spreading hate!

10/21/2006 5:29 PM  
Blogger Leo said...

You're absolutely right, it is very sad and definitely true. I agree that the online community has most certainly provided a new, easy way for these cowards to spout their bullshit. Thanks for the comment.

5/29/2007 3:46 AM  

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