Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Lazy Day

It's raining out and I'm feeling kinda lazy. I spent yesterday taking my cousin to and from surgery (for her elbow), and then spending the night at her house to make sure she was alright. Her sofa didn't exactly agree with me and today I feel like I'm 95 yrs. old.

We (my cousin and I) talked a lot about our Moms (they both past away this past March) and death in general. There are a couple of weird coincidences(?) with their deaths. My Mom died at 11:08 in the morning, my Dad died on 11/08. My Aunt died twenty days after my Mom, at 3:02 in the morning-my Mom died on 3/02. I know that this is probably just coincidence, but it is strange.

My parents had raised my Aunt from the time she was eleven and she was very close to my Mom. My Aunt found out she had cancer back in August of last year. They operated on her and thought they had it all. She found out in January that the cancer had spread throughout her abdomen and nothing could be done for her. My Mom was fairly healthy and we didn't know she was even sick until two days before she died. She had pnemonia and became septic. When my Mom died we had all been taking care of my Aunt, in her home, for about two months. The doctors had expected my Aunt to die in early February, but she had an extremely strong will to live and kept hanging on. We didn't tell my Aunt that my Mom had died as my Aunt was too weak to attend the funeral and it would have greatly upset her. She saw my Mom, or thought she did, in her room after my Mom had past away. She said, "Pat(my Mom), I don't know why you're standing over there just staring at me, but it's annoying." Obviously she could have been hallucinating, but I know my Mom would have visited her, if it is possible.

I'm sure this post makes me sound like a flake, but I'm not someone who has ghost experiences or whatever. I've never seen a ghost or heard one etc. I am however convinced that for a few days after my Mom died she was here at the house. A couple of different occurences make me think that. The main one being a ton of static in the air right in front of the chair she always sat in. This static was extreme, and I'd never had it in the house before or since. One evening I had just gotten out of the shower, my hair was still real wet and when I walked past this spot my wet hair stood on end. I mean all of my hair, not just a few pieces. My one dogs hair also stood on end continually for those days. The other thing that happened was my one cousin, who had been there when my Mom died, came over to give me my Mom's watch she had taken off of her. When she went to hand me the watch, we were both shocked from static and visible sparks shot off from the contact. One last incident was the doorbell ringing at three in the morning. It rang and woke me up, and as I stumbled out of bed and downstairs, it rang again. I then looked out this window that is right next to the door, no one was there. It rang again while I was looking out at the empty front porch. I haven't had any further problems with the doorbell since that night. None of this stuff was scary to me, in fact it was kind of comforting thinking she was here.

Sorry I'm rambling. I guess I just wonder about some of this stuff, whether it's coincidence or not I mean. Anybody out there have an opinion or a story about this sort of thing?


Blogger JJ said...

I think that there is a lot more going on in our reality than we can understand. That sounds kind of new-agey, and I'm not like that at all, but... well, some things just can't really be explained.

And, another thing... where do you find these pictures? That picture of the kangaroo makes me feel kinda dirty! It totally looks like a Playgirl pose.

10/12/2005 4:33 PM  
Blogger Leo said...

Lol--J.J> you're a card. It's a little new agey for me too, but just the same these things happened and I'm not a big believer in coincidence, or in not believing something if it hits me in the face, sooo..I do believe my Mom was here for those couple of days. As for the pictures, which is what made me laugh by the way, I just find them around. I guess the last couple have been a little kinky, but they made me laugh so...that's pretty much my standard-if something makes me laugh I have to share it with the world, and shock all of my good christian friends-hee. I'm just teasing.

10/13/2005 12:31 AM  
Anonymous Kaylan said...

First of all I never laughed so hard today after looking at the pics then reading your text. I guess i needed that today after crying earlier for some stupid reason.
As for my response to your question.I lost my mother in law 2 years ago and still feel her presence. I can't explain it but i do believe in spirits and energy. I guess i believe that a spirit will return, more like a spirit guide to help you.
Anyway cool blog site, better than the rest ive seen.

3/08/2006 9:22 PM  

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