Monday, September 05, 2005

Money, Money, Money, Money

So today me and my girlfriend decided to go check out a casino a couple of hours from here. I like to gamble occasionally though God knows why cause I am one unlucky s.o.b. Usually I play blackjack, but this is a dinky little place with no gaming tables so it was slots or nothing. I played for like ten minutes and bling I hit for six hundred bucks. I'm damn happy with that and starving so we stop and go for something to eat. Afterwards I head back to the same machine put twenty bucks in and on the first spin hit for another $165.00. A few minutes later my girlfriend hits for two-hundred on a machine next to me. Long story short it was a good day and I have no complaints, but it did make me think about something. This year has sucked. I've lost two of the people closest to me, but financially I've come into a windfall. I inherited quite a bit, and then since that everytime I turn around money seems to fall into my lap. (I can't get that Pink Floyd song out of my head-hence the title to this.) Money is a useful and important tool. It's supposed to make life easier and surely does in lots of ways, but it's done nothing to sooth my sadness/grief. I know it's retarded to think it, but sometimes I feel like God's saying, "hey, I've gotta rip your heart out by taking the only immediate family you have left, but here take some mega-bling to console yourself". The whole damn thing is just fucked up!! Excuse the language. Alrighty then--nough of this groaning for now. More weird and probably pissed off thoughts later.


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