Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Oath

During her testimony today in front of Congress, Sara Taylor, former White House Political Director, said something that I found both frightening and quite telling. At one point in her testimony she stated that, “I took an oath and I take that oath to the President very seriously”. Senator Patrick Leahy immediately corrected her, pointing out that the oath she had sworn was to the Constitution, not to the President. Was this a harmless misstatement on Ms. Taylor’s part? Neocons will surely argue that it was, but while it was certainly a misstatement, I believe that rather than a harmless faux pas it was a chilling glimpse into the mindset of those who have served and those who continue to serve in the Bush administration.

It doesn’t take a very close examination of our current Presidential administration to see the obvious, that it’s minion work and act under the guise that an oath to uphold our Constitution is synonymous with an oath to uphold the President They seem to believe that no matter what happens their first responsibility, whether as government employees or private citizens, is to serve the will of President Bush, to loyally follow him and do his bidding, even if it’s illegal or diametrically opposed to the Constitution. This is a patently false and dangerous misconstruction of duty. In America, as opposed to say Nazi Germany, our government employees, do not and can not swear allegiance to any one man, or the office he/she may hold. This is one of the fundamental differences between a democracy and a dictatorship. When people start confusing the basic tenets that make this a democracy with those that form a dictatorship that is, to put it mildly, some scary shit!

The people who support President Bush, Dick Cheney and company in their unprecedented grab for overwhelming executive branch power, either do not understand or do not care the risk and inherent danger they are exposing our country to. Neocons will tell you that liberals are paranoid and that it’s no big deal, but they couldn’t be more wrong. By thinking and acting as if the President and the executive branch is the sole end all and be all of this nation, they are complicit in severely damaging the very fiber of our democracy and that is a very big deal indeed.


Blogger LET'S TALK said...

It would also seem that those who serve King George are scared to a point. Look at the case of our Former Surgeons General.

Everyone that leaves this President seems to claim such things about his administration.

7/11/2007 8:25 PM  
Blogger Leo said...

Let's Talk, yeah some seem scared and some seem like sychophants. Thanks for swinging by!

7/12/2007 1:51 AM  
Blogger Leo said...

oops, I meant sycophants

7/12/2007 1:55 AM  
Blogger pissed off patricia said...

When Leahy told her she didn't take an oath to the president, she looked sincerely surprised. Either she thought she had, or she did. Neither is good.

7/12/2007 9:10 AM  
Anonymous Jenn said...

It scary how those that are part of the current Administration, don't see a clear difference between working for the President, and working for the People. Whenever I contact any political leader, I always express that they are my elected leader and as one of their constituents, its their duty to represent me and others like me! She is just one of many dipsh*ts that seem to forget she works for the country not the President!

7/12/2007 9:22 AM  
Blogger FunkyTown Fighter said...

Leo thanks for checking out my site! Hope to see you there again soon. Love your site BTW! I absofuckinglutely agree these batsards that "serve" Shrub are more dedicated to him than to anything else. They will lie and defend him even if it means losing their freedom! Bunch of ridiculous fools they should all be lined up and thrown to the wolves! LOL.....................

7/12/2007 9:31 AM  
Blogger Leo said...

PoP, I didn't actually see the look on her face, but it doesn't surprise me that she was surprised. Sometimes I think the Bush administration motto should be, "Ignorance is Bliss". Thanks for the info and dropping by.
Jenn, yeah unfortunately I have a feeling she's just one of many that don't quite get the difference. Thanks for your thoughts.
Funkytown, thanks, I loved your site as well. I wish that we had some wolves or a pack of something (maybe congressional leaders with some guts) to throw them to!-lol Thanks for swinging by.

7/12/2007 3:49 PM  

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