Saturday, May 26, 2007

Our Leaders Have Failed America!

As frustrated as I am with President Bush and his whole retarded administration I’m twice as pissed at the mealy mouthed, cowardly Democrats in Congress. This country, in a sweeping referendum, elected our current Congress for one major purpose to stand up to the President and take the country in a different direction, most pointedly, out of Iraq. Early on Congress seemed to understand this purpose and talked a great game of how they we’re going to, “take a stand”, and not allow the President anymore blank checks to fund his insane war, but as usual with the Democratic party when it came time to truly throw down they threw their hands up instead, cried uncle and decided that it wasn’t worth the risk to their precious political careers to put the people and the country first.

Their defense of their actions is to claim that since they didn’t have the 2/3 majority needed to override another presidential veto of an Iraq bill which stipulated a time line for withdrawal, what could they do but cave and hand over another blank check?! The answer to that should have been self evident, take a page from our glorious leader’s handbook, dig their heels in and refuse to move. Send the exact same Iraq funding bill, (complete with time lines) that the Pres. vetoed the first go around right back to him and let him go on vetoing it over and over until he runs out of money for his precious war! The real problem here isn’t that the Democrats in Congress don’t have the power to change the suicidal course Bush has put this country on, they do, they’re simply too afraid to use it. They're terrified that if they stop funding the war Bush and his cronies will scream, “unpatriotic, doesn’t care about the troops etc” at them and that the American people will be too stupid or ignorant to understand that it would be Bush’s own refusal to compromise which was putting war funding in jeopardy, not the Democrats standing up for what the majority of Americans want, a time frame for withdrawal from Iraq.

I can understand the congressional Democrats fear. God knows, many Americans don’t pay much attention to the details of governing our nation, and are therefore woefully uninformed/under informed and prone to believe whatever the latest headline is. The truth is if the Democrats took a real stand and refused to fund the war without time lines for withdrawal in place, Bush and many Republicans would raise holy hell, would call them unpatriotic etc, and perhaps many clueless Americans would buy into the bullshit criticism and be angry at the Democrats. So are the Democrats political fears valid, yes, but to this I say, So What! No one ever said doing the right/moral thing was easy or without negative consequence to you, in point of fact it never is. Standing up for what you believe to be right and just is hard, it takes courage and in many cases self sacrifice. So yes, the congressional Democrats we’re in an unenviable position, but while it may have been a difficult road to walk it was also a necessary one for the good of the country and I have no sympathy for them in their refusal to do their duty. Many Americans, our military servicemen for example, volunteer to trudge a much harder path and willingly sacrifice their very lives for this nation, while our political leaders throw them and the rest of us to the wolves unwilling to sacrifice so much as an iota of their ambition. In my opinion only one word suitably describes their actions or lack there of; pathetic!


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